We can make a difference. Raising money will enable us send aid directly to where it is most needed. Fund Mobile kitchens and camp areas for refugee hotspots, send bulk aid and trained volunteers to crisis zones. Buy computers and other teaching ressources to aid camp life. Money is being raised from concerts, music sales, direct donations plus now the recycling of physical donations - those items unsuitable for direct distribution can be re-used and sold to raise funds. If you have a fundraising idea or would like to talk to us about anything concerning our projects then please drop us an email


There will be a permanent drop off point for donations of Food, Clothing, Catering Equipment and Camping supplies

Each Friday in November in Marseille. Entre 10h - 18h. ASSOCIATION JUXTAPOZ ECOLE ST THOMAS d’ACQUIN 23 RUE DIEUDE 13001 MARSEILLE

You can send clothes, shoes, blankets and food staples to: Arci S.P.R.A.R. Comitato territoriale Lecce, via Brunetti 101, 73019 Trepuzzi(Le) Italy.

These people are involved directly with refugees arriving by boat in Lampedusa/Sicily/Calabria from Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. We will also be raising funds to enable computers to be bought and donated to the classroom that is run at this project.

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